Benefits of Recognition
Conservation Partnership Program Members:

Save Money - Conservation Partnership Program members implement initiatives that lead to cost savings for water, energy and waste managment.

Conserve Valuable Resources and Protect the Environment - By becoming a Conservation Partnership Program member, you can help reduce your carbon footprint and increase your responsible use of natural resources.

Join the Growing Green Business Community - There has never been a better time to go green! Don't miss a valuable opportunity for new business partnerships and gain recognition from the eco-conscious community.

Gain Recognition as an Environmental Leader in Las Vegas - Conservation Partnership Program members are promoted on our website, in the press, in online and print advertising, at events, and by displaying the program logo on marketing materials. 

Improve Quality of life in Southern Nevada - By using less toxic products, employees and residents benefit. Companies can improve employee wellness and productivity.

Making the Difference - Measuring the Impacts
Conservation Partnership Program members reduce their environmental impact, promote responsible use of natural resources and improve the quality of life in Southern Nevada. Here's how:
  • CPP members conserve energy by using energy-efficient lighting (such as LED and/or compact fluorescent light bulbs) and Energy Star rated equipment.

  • CPP members conserve water through the use of low flow faucets and drip irrigation for landscaping.

  • CPP members prevent pollution by using non-toxic products that create a healthy workplace for employees, customers, and all of Southern Nevada.

  • CPP members increase air quality by promoting public transit, biking and walking.

  • CPP members reduce waste by recycling, composting, and donating materials for reuse.

  • CPP members reduce greenhouse gases (GHG) through implementing all of the above.

  • CPP members are involved in the community through volunteering for litter clean-ups, donation programs, and educating employees on how to be greener at home.

Steps to become a CPP member:

The CPP is a self-reporting evaluation process to which businesses and organizations apply for annual membership. Evaluation is based on an application process involving 5 levels of recognition: Gold, Silver, Bronze, Certified or Associate. This transparent reporting framework allows CDSN to identify and commend progress of program members. Read the CPP Terms of Service before submitting an application.

1. Fill out the CPP application (see link below) - Applications can be filled out online or downloaded. Simply fill out the information about your organization and select all of the conservation measures that are currently being implemented. Select “other” to provide information about additional “green” business practices that your organization is currently implementing.

2. Submit completed application and fee - You can submit your application one of the two following ways:

  1. Submit the completed application online and mail a check for the application fee to the address below.

  2. Print out the completed application and mail it along with a check for the application fee to the address below. 

The application fee is $100. Make checks payable to the Conservation District of Southern Nevada

Conservation District of Southern Nevada
7080 La Cienega St., Suite 100
Las Vegas, NV 89119

3. CDSN reviews application and notification of eligibility - CDSN may request a phone consultation, picture documentation, or an on-site visit to verify that your business is properly implementing the practices identified on the submitted application.

4. Receive recognition and utilize program benefits - Congratulations on becoming a CPP member! You will be recognized as one of the region’s most sustainable organizations. You will receive a CPP member packet with your membership logo to use in all your marketing communications.

5. Recertification - CPP membership is valid for two years. To become recertified a new application must be filled out and submitted with the application fee.Your organization may submit a new application and fee at any time in order to be considered for a higher level of recognition.

The link below will direct you to the program on-line application. 
The link below will direct you to the program on-line application. 
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