This page provides contacts for conservation, sustainability, or the environment.

Southern Nevada Regional Planning Coalitions's (SNRPC) Members' Sustainability Programs

SNRPC is the region's recognized planning and governmental coordinating authority.

Clark County
The focus of Clark County's Office of Sustainability is to coordinate and promote the County's internal and external conservation and sustainability programs, policies, and planning.

City of Las Vegas
The Sustaining Las Vegas website is designed to increase public awareness of City efforts on matters of sustainable development. The website provides up-to-date green information and links on organizations that focus on sustainability in the community.

City of Henderson
The City of Henderson's Sustainability Program website highlights projects that promote sustainability in City operations and throughout the community. The "OurHenderson" campaign emphasizes personal responsibility as the key to successful efforts.

City of North Las Vegas

The City of North Las Vegas website provides information regarding the City and its sustainability efforts. The City's GreeNLV program is also highlighted on the website.

Boulder City is a primary gateway to Lake Mead National Recreation Area. Boulder City's conservation website is dedicated to supporting both local and regional sustainability efforts. News updates are posted about local and national efforts to increase sustainability.

Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada

The Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada has a long history of promoting greater mobility and transportation choices in the Las Vegas metropolitan area. Their webpage exemplifies their efforts to set and reach transportation efficiency standards.

Clark County School District
The Clark County School District website ensures that up-to-date information on everything from changes in school policies to academic rankings is available to students, parents, and employees.

Regional Resources:

Clark County Department of Air Quality

The Clark County Department of Air Quality helps keep our air clean by administering permits for land development, some types of mechanical equipment, and industrial processes. DAQ also keeps residents informed on current air conditions as well as forecasts predicting times of poor air quality.

Clark County Desert Conservation Program
The Desert Conservation Program administers plans that benefit native species and ecosystems, and promotes a balance between economic stability and environmental integrity in Clark County.

Clark County Regional Flood Control District
The mission of the Clark County Regional Flood Control District is to improve the protection of life and property for existing residents, future residents, and visitors from the impacts of flooding.

College of Southern Nevada
The College of Southern Nevada has been the backbone of the State's dynamic growth and prosperity. Since its 1971 inception, CSN has added over 40,000 students to 12 campuses.

Friends of Nevada Wilderness
Friends of Nevada Wilderness is dedicated to preserving all qualified Nevada public lands as wilderness, protecting all present and potential wilderness from ongoing threats, educating the public about the importance of wilderness, and improving the management and restoration of wild lands.

Get Outdoors Nevada
Thr Southern Nevada Agency Partnership develops prograns and projects that enhance services to the public and improves the stewardship of federal lands.
Green Chips

Green Chips
is a partnership between public and private entities established to promote sustainable development in Southern Nevada. Future plans include creating incentives for greater energy efficiency and promoting renewable energy.

HomeFree Nevada
HomeFree Nevada is Nevada's Home Performance with ENERGY STAR program assisting contractors and home owners to achieve greater energy efficiency and comfort in the built environment.

Las Vegas Springs Preserve
The Las Vegas Springs Preserve is a 180-acre site created to commemorate and preserve the original water source for the Las Vegas valley. In addition to historical preservation, the Springs Preserve promotes sustainable living in our desert environment.

Las Vegas Wash Coordination Committee
CDSN serves on the LVWCC and is represented on the Funding and Public Outreach Sub-Committees. The Las Vegas Wash Comprehensive Adaptive Management Plan, approved in 2000, outlines the environmental restoration and rehabilitation of the Las Vegas Wash.

Master Gardeners

The Master Gardener Program is part of the social horticulture programming of the Cooperative Extension. Local gardening professionals teach a series of classes to train volunteers in research-based home horticulture practices.
NV Energy

Nevada Energy
posts updates on opportunities for assistance in heating and cooling your home. Options for online payment as well as solutions to lower your energy bill are available as resources to customers.

Rebel Recycling Program

The Rebel Recycling Program is committed to providing the UNLV campus, and the community, with comprehensive waste reduction, recycling, and resource management in an efficient, timely manner. The foundation of their mission is based on the three R's: REDUCE, REUSE & RECYCLE!

Republic Services

Republic Services is Southern Nevada's largest waste management company and a community leader in recycling and waste reduction.

Southern Nevada Arborist Group

The Southern Nevada Arborist Group is a group of professionals and dedicated tree friends that promote the proper selection, planting, care, and maintenance of trees of all types. Members embrace concepts that promote sound and safe tree care.

Southern Nevada Health District
The Southern Nevada Health District maintains up to date information for the public on how to stay healthy. Everything from vaccination opportunities to how to report a health code violation are provided on the District's website.

Southern Nevada Water Authority
The Southern Nevada Water Authority functions to preserve Southern Nevada's water resources. The SNWA website contains regularly updated links to current water use restrictions, guidelines, and policies that promote resource awareness.

Southwest Gas

Southwest Gas maintains their website not just for online billing but also for educating their customers on gas safety in the home.

University of Nevada Cooperative Extension

Cooperative Extension is an outreach arm of the University, funded by county, state, and federal dollars, that extends unbiased, research-based knowledge from the University of Nevada to residents of southern Nevada.
UNLV Public Lands Institute

The Public Lands Institute
is committed to developing effective solutions for public land management and stewardship that are essential for the protection, multiple use, sustainability, and management of public lands.

State Resources:

Nevada Division of Conservation Districts

The Division of Conservation Districts provides administrative assistance to the State Conservation Commission, which develops policy and regulation for the State's 28 locally elected conservation districts.

Nevada Division of State Lands
The Division of State Lands provides land and land use planning services to the State, its agencies and its people. It also administers special programs as well as provide staff assistance to the Nevada Tahoe Regional Planning Agency and the State Land Use Planning Advisory Council.

Nevada Shade Tree Council
The mission of the NSTC is to promote and increase awareness of proper tree planting and care in Nevada and provide safe leadership, development and support for professional and volunteer community forestry programs across the state.

Nevada State Office of Energy

The NSOE was created to protect businesses and residents by maintaining reliable and affordable energy sources in the state of Nevada. The NSOE website provides links for federal grants, education on energy conservation, news, and contact information.

State of Nevada Division of Environmental Protection

The State of Nevada DEP is dedicated to preserving the environment of the state as well as protecting the health of Nevada residents. Their website provides information on environmental programs, recycling, water quality, public health, and more.

State of Nevada Division of Forestry

The Nevada Division of Forestry is dedicated to preserving the health and vitality of Nevada ecosystems and watershed. Their website provides links to current forest fire hazards, fire programs, and conservation camps.

National Resources:

Environmental Protection Agency (Region 9)

The mission of the EPA is to protect human health and to safeguard the natural environment - air, water, and land - upon which life depends. The EPA's Region 9 office works to protect public health and the environment in the southwestern United States (Arizona, California, Nevada, and Hawaii).

NACD      National Association of Conservation Districts
The NACD is the non-profit organization that represents America's 3,000 conservation districts. NACD's mission is to serve conservation districts by providing national leadership and a unified voice for natural resource conservation.

Natural Resource Conservation Services
NRCS has become a conservation leader for all natural resources, ensuring private lands are conserved, restored, and more resilient to environmental challenges, like climate change.